Here's the story behind your new partner.

Epicurean: someone who is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, particularly in the realms of food, drink, and sensory enjoyment.

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🌱 The Fresh Start of Something Big

EpicureanVA was born out of a deep love for food and a desire to support fellow culinary enthusiasts. Our founder, Raven, has always been passionate about food, the art of cooking and the joy it brings. 

After years of working alongside food business professionals, she witnessed firsthand the unique challenges they face in juggling their culinary pursuits and personal life with the never-ending demands of running a food business.

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It was then that Raven realized her calling – to leverage her expertise in virtual assistance and create EpicureanVA - to help empower food businesses to thrive.

With EpicureanVA, she aimed to provide a dedicated support system that would allow food business professionals to focus on their craft while ensuring their administrative tasks were handled with care and precision.

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EpicureanVA may be the newest kid on the block, but we're already serving up big dreams and even bigger ambitions. Founded in February 2024, our fresh virtual assistant company is dedicated to supporting the culinary visionaries of today and tomorrow.

Even if we're still in our infancy, our commitment to growth and excellence is as boundless as our love for food.

Just like a newly opened restaurant brimming with potential, we're eager to prove our mettle and become a trusted partner to hardworking food business professionals like you.

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Though we may be a fledgling company, our passion for the food industry is as seasoned as a well-loved family recipe. We're not just virtual assistants – we're a team of food enthusiasts who truly appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into creating unforgettable dining experiences.

So don't let our young age fool you – we're hungry for success and ready to prove ourselves as your secret ingredient for growth and prosperity. 

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